Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 292

Chapter 292: You think I could not do it (5)

Noisy screaming sound filled the dark stone room. It was much noisier and annoying than the sound of a cricket. Someone entered the stone room with a candlelight. The light was so dim that it didn't reveal the man's face. He then walked slowly in and searched for the one that was screaming loudly. On the stone wall, there were shelves with many wooden boxes. Among them, there was a red wooden box that had the word 'Sword' written over it. The man took the box, which the sound was coming from within.

When he opened it, there was a fist-long centipede. It only had its antennae and a mouth, that was screaming with a weird sound as it shook. The man picked it up.

"I sent you to pick up the object, not spill our information. Hmph." for visiting.

The man spat and clenched his fist. The centipede screamed within the fist and soon exploded from the pressure. And the man watched white liquid dripping within his hand and smiled.