Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 293

Chapter 293: You think I could not do it (6)


Hou Sangwha and Mun Ku became surprised when they found something being thrown up over the ceiling and exploding. They climbed up and saw white ooze all over the roof. for visiting.

"W-what is this?"

"M-my Lord!"

Mun Ku thought something must have happened within the room, so she quickly ran down and burst into the room.


She screamed as soon as she walked in. Yeowun was listening to something that Lee Baek was saying as he held on Lee Baek's head. It was a horrible sight as Lee Baek's right eye was dangling out of his eye socket.

"Nngh Jurkang H.. Hangju at Hangsan Castle our base"

Lee Baek who was barely speaking then dropped his head down. He finally died.


Yeowun let go of his hand. He wanted to get as much information as possible, but he was only able to find a few. But that was good enough.

"My Lord!"