Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Yongho Family (1)

Gam Rosu screamed furiously as she choked Hing Wunja's neck but no one stopped her. They all understood her fury as they all heard the truth. But soon, the act began to go out of control. Gam Rosu was pressing on the weak point of the neck.

"You call yourself a monk?! DIE! DIE!!!!"


'No he'll die.'

Hing Wunja's face was turning purple, so Yeowun walked forward to stop her. He didn't even ask any questions to Hing Wunja yet. for visiting.

"Godly Doctor! Stop!"


But Gam Rosu couldn't hear anything and kept on choking Hing Wunja. She was well built with large muscles, so her choke wasn't something that Hing Wunja, who had lost internal energy and was in a serious state could withstand. His eyes were now rolling backward.

'She won't stop.'

Yeowun reached out, and Gam Rosu's body was thrown to the back by powerful energy force pulling him away.