Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Yongho Family (2)

Everyone shouted at Yeowun's order. After an hour, Yeowun questioned both masked men in two rooms. Unlike Lee Baek, these warriors did not know any vital information. All they knew was who their leader was, and they were trained outside the home of the Blade God Six Martial clan, so they did not know anything about them.

'That's why they don't have any protection on them.'

These people didn't have weird centipedes or anything like that either. It was likely as they did not know anything anyway. It was a shame, but Yeowun had to satisfy what he found out.

After the questioning was done, Yeowun and his members finished returning. Their original purpose was to find the Godly Doctor and the missing special expedition team, and so all they had to do was return to the Demonic Cult. And when they were about to leave the mansion, the Godly Doctor called out to Yeowun.

"My Rescuer!"

She bowed down with a grim look to apologize.

"Please forgive me for my foolish action." for visiting.