Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Yongho Family (3)

In the deep forest, about 10 miles away from the Sword Creek. Men who hid their faces under bamboo hats were running through the forest. They all had dark clothing, but they had striking blue sashes on their waists that stood out. And as they ran, the one in front suddenly stopped.

"Master, what is it?"

With the man stopping, over 30 men that followed came to a stop and one of them asked the man at the front.

"I smell blood in the area."


They couldn't smell anything. The man then began to walk toward some direction and as they walked in further into the bush, they found something hidden beneath.


There was a trace of a big fight within the bushes and trees. It was hidden, but the fight seemed to be too severe that not all of it was disposed. There were over tens of trees that were cut down from the fight also.

'It's a fight between superior master level warriors.' for visiting.