Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Yongho Family (4)


All of the women became disappointed as they listened, and guided the group inside. It seemed like they didn't want to try to lure them anymore. The group was then guided to the third floor. Unlike the first and second floor where there were guests who drank liquor and wanted prostitutes, this floor had a heavier atmosphere. When they walked over, guests who were sitting down glanced over at them.

'They are all martial artists.'

All of them had weapons, but ranged from swords and blades to flails and other unique weapons.

"Sit here please."

A server on the third floor got to them and guided them into an empty spot. On the table, there was a pot and three teacups with three different colors.

"Please order and call again."

When the server returned, Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message.

[My lord. This is the secret information selling place within Mekin city. You can consider it similar to the Hao family.] for visiting.