Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Yongho Family (5)

Man Ou, the manager of the Osang Family House became shocked. He was under orders from the owner to make up a reason for requesters to leave. They figured that if Yang Danwa, a high-ranking official of the cult, serving a man, then that person would be a really important figure of the cult. Then they were certain that asking the identity of such a man would make them leave. for visiting.


They just thought Chun Yeowun to be a mere young man, but it was wrong. If a warrior could use force energy, it proved that the warrior was really powerful.

'Wwhat. T-this man must be one of the leaders of the cult!'

If the opponent was a superior master level warrior, there was no way they would be a match. They were trying to work things out for other important guests, but it didn't go as they planned.

"Don't pretend you're just a guard, Mr. Owner."

'W-what?! How did he find out?'