Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Yongho Family (7)


With a warrior dying instantly from his neck being snapped, people within the room became shocked.

"Yi Chan! Yi Chan!"

A warrior with a beard who stood next to the man quickly went down to check, but spoke with a pale face. for visiting.

"H-he's dead!"

"Hiiiek! Just with a flick of a hand?!"

Every person within the room became pale from terror. They knew that Yeowun was a powerful warrior when he used the force energy, but they didn't imagine he would be so much more powerful that he could kill a man from a distance with the mere gesture of a hand.

'H-he's not like any warrior!'

That young man was a warrior of another level and as they realized this, everyone became so terrified that they couldn't even breathe.


Dahing and Man Ou, however, were more frustrated than terrified. They couldn't predict what Chun Yeowun was even thinking.

[Dammit! Gosun is dead! We might die at this rate!]

[I'm sorry to the Gar Brothers, but we should escape!]