Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Yongho Family (8)

'H-he cut his head off!!!'

With warm blood covering their naked bodies, the two brothers shook with fear. They were more terrified than becoming enraged by the death of their brother.

"If you speak foolishly, you will also die."

Yeowun spoke coldly as he looked down at the other two with an emotionless face. And Yang Danwa moved his blade across the ground, making a shrieking sound as if he was threatening them, just like an executioner. The two brothers became pale from fear.

'T-this bastard will really kill us!'

'We might even die!'

They finally realized the gravity of the situation. They realized that there was no way this man would stop just because of their uncle.


'W-what have we done!'

As for Dahing and Man Ou, they couldn't even think straight as they looked at the head of Gar Ren rolling on the ground. Things had gone too far and there was no going back. Yeowun then went over to the first brother, Gar Mou, to make him talk.