Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Disaster above a ship (1)

After getting out of Meking City, Chun Yeowun and his group traveled east along the Yellow River for 50 miles. They moved on horse so it didn't take too much time. As they got to the destination, the sun HAD halfway disappeared over the horizon and the Yellow River had turned red by the sunlight.


"This is beautiful."

They were riding on a horse by the river, and the sight of the river at the sunset was spectacular. This wasn't something that Yeowun, Hu Bong or Bakgi saw as they grew up within the castle of the Demonic Cult.

After running through for a while, they were now near the Domen Mountain area. As Gar Tak said, the river was split into two, with one small river going to the left.

"There really is a split."