Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Disaster above a ship (2)

'He's doing good.'

Bakgi quickly got up to the watchtower and snapped one of watcher's necks. And when the other man tried to scream with shock, Bakgi sealed his bloodpoint and snapped the back of the head to make him pass out.


It wasn't a hard task, but he had to do it secretly so it made Bakgi a bit sense. Bakgi then took up the unconscious man up and got down. That's when something unexpected happened.

"W-what are you!?"

It was time for a shift change. Bakgi tried to charge at them but


Hu Bong and Yang Danwa appeared behind them and quickly killed them. They saw other watchers approaching the tower so they quickly came after Bakgi to help. It could have revealed them if they were a bit late.

"Were you surprised? Hehe."

"N-no, I wasn't."

Bakgi shook his head at Hu Bong's tease.

"Be quiet and move those bodies first."

"Yes, sir."