Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Disaster above a ship (3)

About an hour ago, Chun Yeowun and Hu Bong found a small village by the small river. There was a small fishing village that maintained themselves by fishing at the river, where Yeowun was able to purchase a small boat. Two of them then set sail on the river to meet up with the others at the appointed time. The speed of the water was faster than they thought.

"M-master! It's already so fast without a row!"

Hu Bong, who said it was fine, soon became tense. Yeowun, who was at the end of the boat, took the key and felt the speed of river becoming faster.

'If I make any mistake or bump into something, I might not be able to haul them.'

Yeowun clenched the key. And after moving down the river for a long time, they saw faint light over in the middle of the river. But suddenly, the faint light immediately began to grow large and brightened up the whole ship.

"M-master! It suddenly became bright!"

"I think there's a problem."