Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Disaster above a ship (4)

"Yes, master."

Yeowun then walked forward. He pulled out the White Dragon Blade from his waist and swung it across the floor. The blade qi coming from the pure white blade made a large cut on the wooden floor of the ship. Pirates became confused and Yeowun warned them.

"I will kill whoever crosses this line."

Nobody could even dare to speak up at such a terrifying voice. Chun Yeowun's presence was that terrifying that the pirates' huge number made no use. It felt like they would all die if they even tried to cross that line.

'Ugh how can such a monster come out like this!'

Bok Hosun became grim at such pressure. The clear difference in power even made him terrified. That's when the man sent him a telepathic message.

[Captain Bok is the baby inside the room?]

[Oh! You want to use that baby? There's a problem. I know you told me to, but my First Mate asked me to hide the baby in my room so I hid it there.]