Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Disaster above a ship (5)

"Yes! Master did it again!!"

Hu Bong shouted with excitement. Chun Yeowun never fell in trouble against any enemy since the beginning, but Hu Bong thought that it was truly concerning this time. Nobody would have imagined that the enemy would threaten them with a baby. But Yang Danwa was actually fearful of Yeowun.

'Was he certain that they were lying? The Lord sometimes makes me think that he is listening to other people's telepathic messages or can read others' minds.'

Every enemy who fought against Yeowun became shocked, as Yeowun found out their plans as if he knew it ahead of time. But that was impossible, so it was only explainable through boldness and excellent decision-making skills.

'I see how he managed to defeat the six clans.'

It was only possible because it was Chun Yeowun. Yang Danwa then glanced behind to look at Gam Miyan, the Godly Doctor's granddaughter.