Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Disaster above a ship (6)


Yeowun then raised his arm and swung his arm toward the dead bodies of the pirates. And with that, the six swords that the pirates used floated up into the air.


"S-swords are moving!"

"G-get out!"

Pirates became terrified and began to move frantically, trying to run away from it. But swords did not come after them. Yeowun got up to the ship's end and glanced toward the river and shouted to ask the man.

"I see that they are swimming!"

The man became shocked. He was concerned when Yeowun walked toward the deck, but it was now confirmed that Yeowun knew the man's warriors were down at the river.

'H-how did he find out?!'

He ordered silently while Yeowun was handling the Captain. Even if Yeowun had a strong sense to sense people, it was impossible to sense those who snuck out of the ship when there are 300 warriors around.

"Do you think I will not get to them if they are swimming in the river? Hmm I think they are still within my range."