Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Dead man tells no tales (1)

The man quickly analyzed the situation. One superior master level warrior had gone out of the ship to take the baby. This was actually a good sign.

'That man is a supreme master level warrior but'

If the man, who was superior master level warrior, fought him along with over 300 pirates, maybe he had a chance. There were more than enough of them here.

'It's enough if I can have pirates hold him down.'

He didn't think about killing his enemy. If the pirates could hold the man down long enough so that he could escape, that would give him time to return and let people know the existence of this monster. And when he thought through his plan, he quickly moved to take action. He sent one of the leaders among the pirates a telepathic message.

[Ben! What are you doing!?]


[Are you going to stand there and watch? Your captain is dead! We are against strong enemies, but they are only three! We outnumber them by 300 people!]

[I know, but we can't]