Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Dead man tells no tales (2)

Yeowun quickly withdrew his hand and the storm disappeared, cutting both of the man's arms below the elbows.


The man fell to the deck. His skin was ripped and forearms were cut, so the man kept screaming in pain. Yeowun walked up to him.

"Your hat is destroyed but I still can't recognize your face. Well, it doesn't matter."

Yeowun placed his hand below the man's stomach. The man flinched and shouted.

"Aaargh. W-what are you doing!!!"

"I am doing this."


Yeowun immediately destroyed the man's internal energy. With extreme pain coming from all his wounds, the man passed out. Yeowun then sealed his blood points and threw his body with force energy toward Hu Bong and Bakgi.

"Hu Bong, make sure he doesn't die."

"Yes, Master."

Yeowun then turned toward pirates.

"It's your turn now."

Chun Yeowun never left any potential dangers behind, even if the enemy was weak.


The pirates were all terrified by what they just witnessed.