Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Dead man tells no tales (3)


Gam Miyan, whose blood points were sealed, moaned as she couldn't scream. Her eyes turned red from tears as she saw hundreds of pirates being massacred. Her movements and voice were sealed, but it didn't stop the tears dropping from her eyes.

Bakgi then silently turned her around, as he thought she was probably too sad to see such a cruel sight, even if these enemies were pirates. But her eyes were actually that of a person who was actually truly sad, as if she was mourning for them. She looked like she wanted to say something.

"This will be over soon. We will have your baby here too."

Bakgi spoke, but she glared back at him furiously.


It seemed she wanted to say something. But even with the baby hostage, the woman set traps before so Bakgi thought he had to be safe and ignored her. Hu Bong glanced at her and sent a telepathic message.