Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Dead man tells no tales (4)

She seemed to be furious beyond reason. Most people would be too afraid to even speak to Chun Yeowun after seeing what he had done, but she didn't seem to care.

'I-is she really mad?'

Hu Bong became dumbfounded while Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Gam Miyan's reaction was beyond logical explanation so even Yeowun became curious. Hing Wunja clearly said under the truth serum that the Godly Doctor's granddaughter had been kidnapped.

'Why is she siding with those pirates when she was kidnapped?'

That's when Nano answered his thoughts.

[This seems to match the case of Stockholm Syndrome.]

'Stockholm Syndrome?'

[It is a symptom where one finds sympathy with the aggressor in a mental and spiritual way. If it becomes excessive, it sometimes evolves into the feeling of affection such as love.]

'What? I didn't even imagine such a thing would exist.'