Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 312

Chapter 312: A successor (1)

A dark night with only a few torches that lit up the area someone appeared at the Yongho Family village that was surrounded by the forest near the Yellow River. The sound of small but constant footsteps proved that the visitor was a martial artist. But this man had very distinctive looks. He had two very large swords behind his back that were wrapped in a crisscross pattern on his back, with a tiger on his shoulder. He entered the Yongho Family village with a dead tiger.

As he got into the village, his face revealed under the torch. He had crumpled hair with clothing made from animal leather, and he was in his mid 20s.


He became surprised when he walked into the village.

'This is strange. I'm sure it's about time for the pirates to return and rest.'

He only felt about 50 people around the village, and all of them seemed to be either women or children.

'Well, it's none of my business.'