Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 313

Chapter 313: A successor (2)

'Namking Keng!'

Yang Danwa became shocked. The Namking family was the strongest family among the top five families of Yulin. Namking Keng was the house leader, one of strongest within the Nine Strong, and he was close to rising as one of the top five warriors in the close future.

"M..Mudan clan's Hing Wunja"


They knew Hing Wunja was related, and it was confirmed that he was actually an officer. The Mudan clan was one of strongest, along with the Sorim and Flower Mountain clans among the nine clans.

"Tang Philson of Sachun"

"I expected as much from them."

The Sachun family of the five families was one of the most aggressive people among the Forces of Justice. They walked the path of justice, but they still used poison and various traps. Tang Philson, a second rank in the family, lost his daughter in the war between justice and evil, so he hated the Forces of Evil with his heart. He wasn't one of the Strong Nine, but he was known for his ability to use poison.