Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Cold blood blockage (1)

Opium was once made from opium poppy which was spread among the Jianghu and became a problem. The Emperor directly ordered to stop the production of this opium but it was still widely consumed behind the scenes. Those who were addicted to this were labeled as drug addicts. It was natural for Bunwang to become dumbfounded. Yang Danwa shook his head and told Hu Bong to stay out of their conversation.

"So, what was the medicine for?"

"My sister is sick."

Bunwang hesitated for second and briefly explained his reasons.


"Yes. My sister has a disease that no other doctors can mend, but the medicine made by that woman worked quite well."

If what Bunwang said was true, Gam Miyan was surely trained in medical practice. If she was already medically talented, and if she wasn't killed by Yeowun, maybe she might have become the future Godly Doctor.

"I see. I guess you have the right to be angry when you saw her dead, then."