Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Cold blood blockage (2)

Bunwang, who was tied on the tree, frowned. His internal energy was sealed from circulating, but this unique chilly feeling was familiar. It was the sign of his sister going berserk.

'No way. It's only been four hours!'

It hadn't been that long since Bunwang gave her the last dose of medicine. He thought it would last at least a day, but it was frustrating that he felt the energy which proved that her state was going worse.

'It's close.'

Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

"M-master! What is this energy?"

Yang Danwa became shocked. The energy was coming from the northwest, near a mountain hill. It was close, but it was still astounding to feel such cold energy clearly coming towards them. Bunwang shouted frantically.

"I-it's my sister!"


"She's going berserk!"

"This energy is coming from your sister?"