Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Cold blood blockage (3)

Yeowun's left hand reached toward Yogun's chest to seal her down. But when his hand almost reached her chest, white frost gathered up and created an ice barrier around her. Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

'This is interesting.'

Yeowun stopped and sent energy into his hand to penetrate through the ice barrier at once. But Yogun then let go of Bunwang in that short moment and swung her hand against Yeowun. This time, it wasn't done to freeze him directly. With his hand swinging through the air, cold air stormed up and pushed Bunwang and Chun Yeowun toward the back.


Bunwang, who almost had two of his arms frozen, couldn't balance himself and was thrown back. Bakgi ran toward him and grabbed him before he fell.


Bakgi did grab him, but the energy still pushed both of them way back.

'This is powerful energy.'

Bakgi knew the power was strong just by looking at the air churning around, but this was beyond his imagination. He had to drag it out almost 20 steps to stop.