Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Cold blood blockage (4)

The way it worked looked like Air Sword, but it was different. Yogun was just forming ice through her vast energy and threw at him. This would have been different if all of that ice wielded energy.

Yogun's eyes shook as she noticed Yeowun coming straight toward her. She reached out with her another hand and gestured as if she raised it. Then the ground began to shake and a large ice wall was pulled up from the ground.

"I-I can't believe it!"

Yogun's powers that she used while her silver hair fluttered was astonishing. It looked like she was an ice witch. But this skill actually worked against her. Her sight was blocked and all ice particles that went after Yeowun stopped it.

'This is the chance.'

Yeowun then swung his White Dragon Blade toward the ice wall. Blue force qi easily cut down the ice wall and made it fall to the ground. Yeowun then shot past through the wall.


"You're late!"