Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Cold blood blockage (5)

There was a distinct scent to every person, whether it was coming from the skin or the clothes. It was something that could only be recognized by others. As such, qi also had a unique kind of feeling that warriors who were trained in internal energy could feel its difference. Its sense to sense such energy increased one became more powerful. Warriors at the supreme master level interacted with the energy of the environment so it was possible to sense the trace of qi, and the cold yin qi made a trace across the Yellow River.

There was one man who was running through with enormous speed. He had curly long hair and a short beard. His face was filled with wrinkles. He was running through while having his hands gathered at the back, but his body did lose balance as he ran through.


The trace of qi was going in that direction. He was running through, but he couldn't yet get to the culprit who kidnapped his children.