Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Cold blood blockage (6)

Monk Gu Hur told the Godly Doctor that by sending in internal energy to penetrate the blockage, the yin qi reacted to fight back, making Gu Hur increase the energy that was sent in. This was why the two energies colliding with each other grew too powerful for the woman to endure it.

"Then what would be the way? If it isn't possible to send in the energy"

"There are two other ways. Both have flaws."

"What is it?"

"One way is impossible right now, and another one I don't think she nor you will like the way it will be done."

What would be the way that he and his sister would not want? Bunwang asked, "And what is that way?"

"It's very weird, but the starting point of energy explosion starts toward the vaginal area."


Bunwang's face became grim. He was able to understand what Gam Rosu was saying.

"Y-you mean"

"Yes. It is a way to find a balance between yin and yang to decrease its reaction to have it take yang qi without a fight."