Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Two birds in one stone (1)

Forty swords were aimed at the man, about to fly down and penetrate him.

'This is astounding. Taking over this many swords would require a lot of precision and control of energy'

The middle-aged man was now very astonished by the action. His air sword was just using vast energy to control objects, but that young man was truly sending his energy correctly to all of those swords.

'He looks like a young man.'

But the power was no less than himself, enough to be considered among the top five warriors of Yulin. If the man walked out from inside, then he must be one of the cultists. That's when the man remembered the information he gathered recently. He heard this when he went to the Hao clan to buy information regarding the Godly Doctor.

'Oh, I heard there's a new young Lord at the Demonic Cult. Maybe'

His guess was right. When Jiheng and the warriors found out Yeowun that came out, they all knelt with one knee and shouted.

"My Lord!"

"My Lord!"