Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Two birds in one stone (3)

Wang Jing was so shocked and furious when he heard that his daughter needed to have sexual intercourse that he almost killed Godly Doctor Gam Rosu. But he had to stop when he heard who the old woman was. And there was no way to reject the idea when the best-known doctor in the entire Jianghu was telling him that that was the only way for her survival.

'But it's something that even the great monk of Sorim failed'

He was more hesitant when he heard that the procedure was once tried years back, involving a powerful warrior like Monk Gu Hur. Godly Doctor explained the only way to save his dying daughter was to break the yang energy into her beginning at the start of the explosion, which was thevagina.

'I thought this kind of treatment only existed in a book..'

Hu Bong might have agreed wholeheartedly if Wang Jing had said this out loud. He then felt powerless as he couldn't do anything for his dying daughter. And just like Wang Jing, Chun Yeowun was also going through hard times.