Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Two birds in one stone (4)

'That is not the problem.'

Yeowun had became the Lord of the Demonic Cult after going through many hardships. Having one of the top five warrior siding against him was not something that was afraid of. And Yeowun was a cultist of the Demonic Cult, not a member of the Forces of Justice, so he did not bind himself to the fact that he had to help out people in trouble.

'I must keep my own will.'

He vowed that he would only have Mun Ku by his side. It was a shame that he was going to loose the chance of having one of the top five warriors by his side, but Yeowun had to look things further in the future. If he took another woman here, then there was a chance he would see the tragedy that revolved around him with the six clans again. A bloodshed between families in search of power.

'If another woman has my baby other then Mun Ku, it will bring about another tragedy.'