Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Two birds in one stone (5)

Chun Yeowun had learned about women for the first time when he spent the night with Mun Ku, who he was in love with. But that was just once, so even if Yeowun was usually very calm and cold, it wasn't easy for him to undress a woman whom he had met for just a few hours.

Yeowun carefully pulled off the clothes that Yogun had over her. The blue outer robe was pulled off, revealing her underwear. It was very shallow and thin and it showed her pale white skin underneath. Yeowun blushed with embarrassment. But he still had to proceed to make her become naked if he was to proceed with the treatment. Yeowun then reached out toward the underwear slowly.

It was then.


Yogun suddenly opened her eyes. It had been only a few minutes that she was sealed with blood point seal before she was taken in here, but she was waking up already. Yeowun clearly heard that her infinite amount of cold yin qi was circulating around her, putting out the blood seals placed by Wang Jing.