Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Two birds in one stone (6)

Yeowun tried to ease the Sky Demon energy down, but the energy kept on absorbing the cold energy and began to grow.

'Ugh. Then I have to send out the yang qi out of my body to have it in balance.'

Even if Yeowun could use energy from the environment, Yeowun couldn't take in energy that he couldn't wield at the moment. He had to sent out the yang qi to make room for the incoming yin qi. It was now past the point where Yeowun was just saving Yogun.

That's when the change began. By taking the yin qi away from her, Yogun's transparent eyes began to return to normal.

"Hah Hah"

And when the blockage began to be opened through, her eyes returned to a normal brown and she became like any other normal woman. Her pale white skin also found back some of its pinkish color as warmth returned to her skin.

'It's working!'