Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Two birds in one stone (7)

If Yeowun had lost control over himself, he had to awaken. If a warrior at the supreme master level suffered from circulation failure, it was likely that a massacre would ensue afterwards. It was going to destroy everything in the area.

'This is bad. He can't hear.'

Wang Jing then decided and tried to push Yeowun down and away from the building. If he were to fight Yeowun at this moment, there was a possibility that his daughter Wang Yogun might become troubled.

Wang Jing grabbed Yeowun and tried to pull, but Yeowun swung his hands and thrust toward Wang Jing. Wang Jing tilted his head to avoid it.

His reaction was good, fitting to be one of the top five warriors. But avoiding it was not the issue. He had to take Yeowun down from the building so that Yogun can be safe.

"Please excuse me as this will be rough."