Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Defeat a instructor (1)

Cadets from the high-ranked clans were smiling. They were certain that the third test would be held just like how their family members had told them. Left Guardian Lee Hameng kept on explaining.

"For twelve to complete a sword formation, you must have top-class martial arts skill."

People were shocked and began talking amongst themselves even more.


'How many are they trying to drop?'


As the cadets began get noisy, Hameng shouted, "SILENCE!!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The training ground immediately became silent. Hameng frowned as he continued, "Do you see the books on the table?"


"This is the Seven Demon Dragon book, one of the top-class martial arts that will be the foundation to the Sword Demon Formation of our cult."

The cadets then became excited immediately. This was a dream come true for the cadets from weaker clans. It wasn't common for them to come across a chance to learn a top-class martial art.