Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Defeat a instructor (2)

Lee Hameng frowned. He had told the instructors not to be too attached to their cadets, but it seemed they had already done so within three weeks.


He couldn't scold them in front of all the cadets, but there was also an unexpected person within the seven instructors.


The instructors who walked up were also surprised. Then three of them then stepped back, deciding to not volunteer anymore. This instructor in his late fifties with a black beard with white hairs hinted here and there was the oldest instructor here.

'Instructor Hou.'

Hou Jinchang. He was the most experienced instructor at the early stage of the superior master level. He had been an instructor at the academy for a long time and he was also a war veteran. Lee Hameng also respected him accordingly.

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