Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Defeat a instructor (3)

Unlike the first fight, the cadets weren't as interested in the second fight since they all knew the difference of power between the two.

'He'll be lucky if he even lasts a few exchanges.'

'Just because he got better I think he's being too reckless.'

Cadets remembered Chun Yeowun's power from the second test. He had shown top-quality martial arts and a fine blade skill, but that didn't seem like it was enough to fight against the instructor.

"You may begin!"

Both of them bowed. Chun Yeowun then readied his Butterfly Blade Dance.

'Butterfly Blade Dance,' Sang Munyo thought. After the second test, Lee Hameng told every instructor that Right Guardian Submeng had taught Chun Yeowun his blade skill. They weren't sure why Submeng had taught Chun Yeowun, but Submeng was known for being erratic so it didn't matter. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'You are lucky to have learned that skill, but that's not enough.'

"Come. I will allow you to attack first."

Sang Munyo waved at Yeowun who then charged in.