Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 46

Chapter 46: I will ram it in until it works (3)

After joining Chun Yeowun's team, three of them introduced themselves to Hu Bong, Machil, Wungchun, and Ho Daming. Hu Bong then spoke to Ko Wanghur. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"I don't care if you are Sword or Shield of the Master, but his first servant is me."

He wanted to make this clear. Puzzled, Ko Wanghur raised his eyebrow and Yeowun laughed.

"Yeah, Hu Bong is my first servant."

"Haha! I see. I guess we have to make things clear!"

Ko Wanghur laughed as he agreed and Hu Bong laughed in satisfaction. Yeowun now had seven members, but he still needed four more.

'Let's not hurry.'

However, he didn't have to gather people too fast since Chun Yeowun wanted true allies.

"Master, what should we do now?" Hu Bong asked. Their training now relied on the group leader's instructions. Chun Yeowun ordered, "Everyone, absorb your Black Dragon Ball. We will need to do that first to learn the Seven Demon Sword."

"Yes, sir!"