Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 47

Chapter 47: I will crush them all (1)

The poison killed its target slowly without them knowing. The red dot was the symptom that showed when the person was poisoned. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Chun Yeowun bit his lips.


His mother, Lady Hwa, was killed by the same poison and Yeowun couldn't forget the fact. He had learned from the pain of having his loved one die.

'How can he be poisoned?'

The symptom seemed to be severe. Lady Hwa had those dots a few months before she died, and Bakgi had the same dots.

'That only appears after long exposure.'

It was weird for Bakgi to have been exposed to the poison for a long time.

'Chun Jongsum!'

Yeowun then remembered Jongsum who was smiling at Bakgi. That was why Yeowun had to check Bakgi's video in the first place. Bakgi was the only one who defeated the prince within the group. It was likely that Chun Jongsum was angry and embarrassed. However, as far as Yeowun knew, one needed to be exposed to the poison through years of dosage.