Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I will crush them all (2)

There were three ways to find other cadets in the academy. One was to hope to meet them by coincidence, but it became much harder after the private training rooms had been opened. The second was to go to their room, but it wasn't a good way since many of the students would be asleep. The last way was to find them at the cafeteria.

Chun Yeowun took the third way and found Bakgi eating alone. Before he got there, someone walked up to him first.

'Chun Kungwun?'

It was Chun Kungwun, the Prince of the Sword Clan.

'Nano, cut out all the noise except for the conversation between those two.'

[Yes, Master.]

Chun Yeowun then heard Kungwun and Bakgi's conversation. What was interesting was that Kungwun wanted to recruit Bakgi who was powerful enough to be a group leader. It wasn't surprising that Kungwun would want a powerful warrior like Bakgi, but there was no way Bakgi would join a group when he himself could be a leader. Wuxiaworld for visiting.