Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 49

Chapter 49: I will crush them all (3)

Bakgi was already at the level of a master when he entered the academy. He quickly overpowered Chun Jongsum who threatened the other group members on the first day of the academy. Chun Jongsum warned him when he lost.

'You enjoy your victory now. The claw of the Poison Clan is like good wine. It gets deeper as time goes on.'

Therefore, Bakgi always watched out for any signs of a poison attack, but he still got poisoned in the end.


Baek Jongmeng brought out more medicine to take out the poison. Chun Yeowun then asked the doctor, "How bad is it for him?"

Jongmeng smiled.

"He's okay. Luckily, we detected it early. He'll heal after a week of antidotes." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"But isn't it severe if he has the red dots?"

He remembered Baek Jongwu's explanation to him regarding the poison. He said that since the red dots covered her entire body, Lady Hwa had no way to survive.

"Oh, that happened because I got it through his lungs."