Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 50

Chapter 50: I will crush them all (4)

Blood spilled out of Chun Jongsum's mouth. His chin was twisted weirdly so he couldn't close his mouth. And based on how Chun Yeowun was approaching him, it seemed like he was here to kill him, not caring about the rules of the academy.

'He-he must be bluffing!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Chun Jongsum was afraid, but he denied to accept what he saw.

'Move! Move!'

He tried to pull himself up from the tree, but he couldn't move.

"You dare to talk about something you should not have. You know what it is?" Yeowun asked coldly while Chun Jongsum struggled to get out of the tree.

'Please! Move!'

His heart was pounding as Yeowun got closer. He already knew that he couldn't fight Yeowun with martial arts. And with forced effort, internal energy began to flow into him and his fingers began to move. Yeowun was already upon him.

'He thinks I can't move yet. I'll surprise him.'

Chun Jongsum looked dumbfoundedly at Yeowun intentionally. Yeowun then spoke to Jongsum in front of him.