Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Cool heads but warm hearts (3)

Lee Hameng got the report of what happened the other night when he came to work early in the morning. He quickly came to understand that Chun Yeowun had lost his control over his rage, and thus he was unable to comprehend the problem at stake.

'He must have been busy learning martial arts for two weeks'

Hameng hated Right Guardian Submeng, but he too knew that there was no time for Submeng to teach Yeowun things other than martial arts. It seemed that Chun Yeowun was missing out on real-life lessons.

'I can't just let him rot with his talent.'

Chun Yeowun had high potential, given the right lessons and guidance. Lee Hameng valued his connection with the six clans, but he was also intrigued by Chun Yeowun.

"Do you know what follows for the one who fails to clean up after his mess?"


"It is death. The ruckus you caused is exactly what you are bringing upon yourself." Wuxiaworld for visiting.