Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Blessing in a disguise (2)


Yeowun knew he had made a mistake about this one. His lack of experience and uncontrolled anger had made it come down to this.

"As you said, even I can't kill you while you are here, but..."

Baek Oh's hand quickly moved over Yeowun's blood point, freezing him. Yeowun couldn't speak anymore, and Baek Oh continued, "Let me promise you this. As soon as you leave the protection of the Demonic Academy, you will be given pain beyond imagination." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Baek Oh's eyes were on fire from the anger from the pain that his grandson had gone through.

"You have shattered my grandson's bones, so I will shatter your bones and carve out your flesh to feed it to the animals. Then I will destroy your internal energy and keep you alive so you can beg to be killed."

Baek Oh's warning was terrifying. When he was done, he took something out from his pocket. It was a small medicinal ball which was even smellier than the Black Dragon Ball. He then sent a telepathic message.