Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Blessing in a disguise (3)

Nano quickly helped the activation of the flow of energy within Yeowun's body. After a long time, Yeowun opened his eyes. He then smelled the foul stench from the black ooze and took off the clothes that were drenched in the ooze.

"Ugh this is really disgusting."

He was able to forget about the smell while meditating, but he couldn't bear it anymore when he was awake. He then felt the heat within the cave. It seemed like the energy activation within his body let out some heat, warming up the entire cave. Yeowun then felt heaviness under his stomach and felt the weight of his internal energy. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


He gasped in astonishment. The whole incident was a blessing in disguise. The internal energy that was just over sixty years worth now had ninety years worth of energy. Baek Oh's action had resulted in helping Yeowun instead of harming him.

'He really did give me a gift then.'