Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Blessing in a disguise (5)

It was astounding. Over hundreds of stones were placed around the pillar, and twenty-four of them had placed in the shape of a dragon soaring up into the sky. It was the same shape that was placed on the pedestal.

"So, this was what that dragon meant! This was it!"

Yeowun's voice became excited from the finding. He then quickly wanted to look into what meaning it held. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Nano, get rid of the other stones and leave only those twenty-four stones.'


And Nano's voice trailed off, the extra stones in the image began to disappear. Yeowun looked closely at the remaining stones. There were writings and teachings related to a breathing skill. However, it didn't seem like any other breathing skill.

'What is this?'

The writing required a certain movement and flow in the internal energy through certain blood points. And the movement of the skill was very familiar. Yeowun frowned as he knew these movements.

'This is similar to the movement of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.'