Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Blessing in a disguise (6)

Yeowun had to rely on Nano's skills to find out about the breathing skill, but the pillar was programmed to make it easy to find these stones as well. It was surprising.

'Well, I guess you would need such a thing to find out about it without Nano.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

What was funny was that no one had even tried it before. No one dared to do what Yeowun had done to the pillars until now.


Yeowun then noticed the place where he bowed at the front of the pillar sank in the middle and liquid seeped out from it. He tasted it with his finger and found out that it was oil.

'Is it made for fire?'

The pillar had a mechanism to burn itself when its duty was complete. The oil was to be wet when it sent down those stones so that the internal energy would be able to light it on fire.

'Hmph. I got it anyway.'

He was lucky at least. Yeowun realized it was easy to get these stones too late, but could now destroy it.

'Now it will be easy to erase those holes on the pillar.'