Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Blessing in a disguise (7)

Four days had now passed after Yeowun was locked up. There was only a day left for Yeowun to come out and there had been a lot of changes within the academy.

When Yeowun was sent to the prison, the only ones who had yellow tags were Chun Muyeon of the Wise Clan and Chun Yuchan of the Blade Clan. However, four days were enough for talented cadets to learn about the Seven Demon Sword.

Ko Wanghur's concern became a reality. Chun Yeowun was still in prison, but all the other yellow tags were taken by powerful cadets. However, there were only eleven cadets that became leaders. There was a total of seventeen tags, so why were there only eleven group leaders?

This was due to three particular leaders. There was no limit to how many tags one could take. Three people realized this and collected every tag they could get their hands on.

Chun Muyeon had one tag.

Chun Yuchan had four tags.

Chun Kungwun had two tags.

Sama Chak, the 700th cadet, had two tags. Wuxiaworld for visiting.