Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 65

Chapter 65: This tag is yours (3)

Chun Yuchan then told Bakgi that getting more yellow tags was going to be impossible and offered him to join his team. Bakgi refused without thinking and that's when Ko Wanghur arrived.

"I didn't know the 5th cadet wanted you. Is it because of the competition?"

Bakgi was a talented individual even among all these cadets. Chun Yuchan wanted to become the heir to the throne, so he was bound to want more talented individuals. However, Ko Wanghur was surprised that Bakgi didn't even consider one of most probable future leader's offer.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that we don't have a yellow tag and our hands are tied. Dammit!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Bakgi slammed the ground with his fist. As of now, there were only two ways to get their hands on a yellow tag. One was to defeat the instructor Hou Jinchang, and the other was to attack the other groups to steal theirs, but both of the remaining choices didn't seem to be realistic.