Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 66

Chapter 66: This tag is yours (4)

Early in the morning, on the mountain peak behind the Demonic Academy Library, the morning fog covered the lower part of the mountain. Three men were running up the mountain with their lightness skills. They were instructors of the academy. The one in front was the former 8th group instructor, Impeng. The reason why they were going up the mountain today was because today Yeowun's imprisonment was scheduled to end.

'I wonder if he endured it well.'

Even a more experienced adult would have a hard time being locked up in a dark place all alone. However, the person they locked up was a fifteen-year-old boy, which raised some concerns. They soon reached the front of the cave. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Guards who stood near the entrance saluted the instructors. Impeng nodded.

"Chun Yeowun's imprisonment is over. Open the gate."

"Yes, sir."