Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 69

Chapter 69: I will do the same to you (1)

Sword Art of the Sky Demon. One of the best sword arts, and the best sword art within the Demonic Cult itself. It was created by Chun Ma, nicknamed the Sky Demon, who was known for his talent in martial arts. He had risen above everyone else at the time.

As time passed by, many sword arts were created to counter the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, and soon the Demonic Sword of the Heavenly God was said to overpower it.

Hou Jinchang's eyes flickered as he spoke. Yeowun's sword movement had left a striking impression that he could not forget. Even Lee Hameng was shocked to see such perfect sword movement.

'It's similar to the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, but it's much more.'

Lee Hameng had seen the Lord use his Sword Art multiple times already, and thus he was able to conclude that Yeowun's sword skill was better. Then how did Chun Yeowun learn such sword skills? There was only one possible way. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'The pedestal!'